Tips for Preventing Caregiver Burnout

Are you suffering from increased levels of stress, trying to maintain support with cooking, cleaning, medications, doctors visits and being a companion to mom or dad – while still maintaining the care and responsibilities for your own family?

You are a part of a growing group of caregivers called the “sandwich generation”. Today, one in five Americans simultaneously care for elderly loved ones while also juggling the responsibility of caring for their own family1.

Avoiding caregiver burnout is as essential to you as it is for those you care for. Here are some tips:

  1. Schedule time for YOU – Start today by blocking off time on your calendar for you. Take 30 minutes today to do something you enjoy, whether that’s shopping, going out for a coffee or even reading a book.
  2. Talk with a licensed mental health counselor – 20-40% of caregivers experience depression due to the stresses of providing care2. Regular sessions with a therapist not only give you time to talk about your feelings, it’s also another way to designate time for yourself.
  3. Seek help from additional family members – Sharing the responsibility of caring for a loved one can help. If your extended family do not live close by and cannot physically be there to help, you can enlist their help with tasks that can be done remotely like managing bills, subscriptions, appointments and finances.
  4. When your loved one’s needs increase, look into a senior living community. One of the benefits of a senior living community is that there is a team that can provide around the clock care and professional expertise. Letting a team of professionals take on the role of caregiving can allow you to get back to your favorite role…daughter, son, wife, husband, family.

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