About Us

Carefield Living is focused on providing elderly adults who need assistance with activities of daily living with their best possible life experience in a vibrant community setting. We have spent the past six years designing and creating innovative elder adult living environments that integrate individualized care with programs and services in support of the lifestyle options and activities our community members choose to pursue.

At Carefield Living, we endeavor to address the universal desire of our residents and employees to be able to enjoy a secure, comfortable and purposeful life.

We Believe in

  • Compassionate, expert care
  • Teamwork and a positive company culture
  • The healing power of nature
  • The value of social interaction and community connection
  • A wholistic approach to healthy living
  • Innovation and technology in support of our residents and staff

The Carefield Difference

By careful design, we have grown Carefield Living into a complete, full-service senior living company, with coordinated “in house” ownership, operations, management, design and development. We believe this is the best way to carry out our Carefield Mission- to create and maintain the best possible living environment for the benefit of our community residents, their families, and our employees.