What is Assisted Living

Assisted living offers personal care for those who need assistance with activities of daily living. Assisted living services we provide include:

Medication management Personal grooming assistance, such as bathing and dressing Assistance to and from meals and events Accommodations for special diets Scheduling and follow-up with physician appointments and coordination of ancillary care services, such as occupational and physical therapy Incontinence management

Moving to a Simpler Life

Our members and their families are secure in knowing that all the basic needs of life are being provided for. But more than that, they enjoy a varied, memorable life experience that can be enjoyed day after day.

Simple pleasures are within easy reach. A delicious meal, a relaxing cup of tea in the outdoor courtyard, a movie or card game with friends, can be enjoyed daily. Our staff aims to anticipate and accommodate your needs freeing you to pursue those simple pleasures. We offer you the freedom to live the life you want with the peace of mind that comes with knowing helping hands are never far away.

You Have the Freedom to Choose

We know our community members come from all walks of life, with passions and interests as varied as they are. We take the time to get to know each of our residents and staff, then carefully plan our programs to provide activity and entertainment options based on their interests, routines and abilities. Share your unique passions and life experience. Explore and discover new interests with new friends.

We are People Who Care

Our entire staff is committed to pursuing the highest quality of life for every resident. Staff is available day and night, so if residents need assistance with bathing, personal care, medication management, dressing or other daily activities, we are here for them. Our community is equipped with an emergency call system that can alert caregivers and a licensed nurse.