Our Culture

Carefield was founded on the idea that we could build something different. It began with the desire to apply our past experience with hospitality properties to senior living communities, and in applying that experience we discovered that it's not the physical spaces that define a true community but the connections that form between the people that call it home. This simple revelation now lies at the heart of everything we build.

What does it mean to build a connected community? What role can we play in forming those deep connections that are so important? These are questions that we ask ourselves every day.

We have carefully designed each of our community amenities and programs to encourage residents, friends, family and our staff to interact, enjoy each other’s company and be energized by the beauty and vitality of life. We aim to empower and motivate older adults to chart their own course for a vibrant, meaningful and satisfying future.

Purpose and Vision

Our Purpose

To build communities where members - residents, families, friends and staff - can connect with people and passions that give life meaning.

Our Vision

To challenge preconceptions about what it means to be a part of a senior living community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our community members grow and strengthen their network of support and friendship, and gain a greater sense of purpose and belonging.

Our Values


Carefield Living focuses on the needs and desires of our community members, their families and friends, our Carefield staff, and the community at large.


Carefield Living views positive activity as a primary means of achieving health and happiness. We encourage physical, mental, social and spiritual development by providing a supportive environment, with trained staff and holistic programs specifically designed to promote the personal engagement of our members in an active life.


Carefield Living believes that getting compassionate assistance from someone who really knows you while retaining your independence is a key to maintaining a zest for life.


Carefield Living communities aspire to be a center for the enjoyment of life. Our community members and their families must be secure in the knowledge that all the basic needs of life are provided for in our communities. But more than that, we want to offer an exciting, varied, memorable life experience that can be enjoyed day after day. Laughter, music, great food, good conversation, a glass of wine, a nature walk, movies, live entertainment, games, a shopping trip and a fun visit with the grandchildren should all be within easy reach of every Carefield community member.

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