Madonna Gardens' Silver Seeds Program

The experience of aging can be greatly improved by engaging in activities that promote healthy living. Diet, exercise, social engagement and meaningful activity have proven benefits for the mind and body at any age.

Madonna Gardens' Silver Seeds program is specifically designed to enhance the mental processes that takes place in the brain by nurturing “the seeds of wellness” in aging adults. There are steps that can be taken to maintain, and in some cases improve, cognitive function, memory and thinking skills.

Maintain the Lifestyle You Want

Designed in collaboration with award-winning Alzheimer’s and dementia care experts to help individuals with early-stage memory loss, Madonna Gardens' Silver Seeds program was created to help residents with Mild Cognitive Impairment maintain their independence and live life to the fullest.

At Madonna Gardens, Silver Seeds residents will be able to continue living in their assisted living apartments while participating in cognitive exercises and techniques, educational opportunities, and physical training to refresh the body and mind.

The Silver Seeds Program is best for:

  • Seniors with mild cognitive impairment or mild to moderate memory loss
  • Individuals who need more support, but do not need a secured setting

How it Works

Residents will continue to live in their assisted living apartment, and are free to move about Madonna Gardens while participating in the following:

  • Engaging in life-long learning
  • Exercising mental focus and attention
  • Practicing short-term recall
  • Learning new skills and developing new hobbies
  • Enjoying physical exercise, movement and body awareness
  • Developing brain healthy eating habits
  • Gardening, growing plants and spending time outdoors
  • Practicing Technology based programs for brain fitness
  • Structured activities in small, focused group sizes are developed based on the preferences and abilities of the resident

Resident Support

The program takes place five days a week, led by Madonna Gardens' Resident Services Director who is trained specifically to support residents with Mild Cognitive Impairment. With resident activity and ongoing cognitive assessments, we will monitor resident improvement or change and provide frequent updates to families.