Delicious and nutritious, our freshly prepared meals are served three times daily in our dining room. Guests will be able to select from one of the chef’s tantalizing daily specials or choose their favorites from the regular menu. Our chefs can also provide alternative meals and snacks to accommodate unique dietary needs and restrictions upon request. Guests and family members are always welcome to stay for gatherings, birthdays, anniversaries or special surprises.

Fresh Ingredients

Every great meal starts with the freshest ingredients, and our chefs work with suppliers to source the freshest meats, seafood, produce and other ingredients that they can get.

Prepared Well

Every meal served in our communities, from elaborate feasts to a simple sandwich, is carefully prepared by a professional chef in our community's kitchen

Great Dining Experience

The service and presentation of a meal can be as important the food when creating a dining experience. Our chefs plate and present each meal in a way that makes it as beautiful as it is delicious. Our staff provide attentive service for each guest

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